Preschool, More Than Just Play

Welcome to The Fulton School.

Set on a beautiful, 13-acre wooded campus just 10 minutes west of Wildwood, The Fulton School strives to be an extension of the home, cultivating children’s capabilities and helping them to develop their self confidence and independence.

We are a small, independent, coed school for toddlers through 12th grade, offering traditional Montessori through 3rd grade, and a Montessori-based program for 4th through 12th.

Preschool Program
Our preschool program offers a calm, peaceful setting that promotes positive social development in your preschooler and can help her develop independence and confidence. In this environment, children learn the dynamics of friendship (which is hard to simulate at home).

The classroom includes three to six year olds (mixed-age classrooms are a hallmark of Montessori). Younger students can learn from the older children, and older children have the opportunity to take the lead. Mixed-age classrooms teach leadership, responsibility, and self-confidence. It makes all the difference in the world. In fact, all of our classrooms at The Fulton School (from preschool through 12th grade are mixed-age – yes, it works that well!)

Our highly trained, experience teachers are expert nurturers. Our students feel safe, loved, and known. And when a child feels comfortable, cared for, and confident, the things he can accomplish are astounding. You’ll be surprised at what youf child can achieve at Fulton School.

We invite you to browse our website for more details: 

Our Mission and Philosophy

Lower School (toddler through 6th)

Upper School (7th - 12th)

Our Farm Program

Learning Support Program

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