Why is The Fulton School at St. Albans (TFSSA) merging with Chesterfield Day School (CDS)?
Our school was built to serve the St. Albans community. However, over time, enrollment at TFSSA has changed substantially. Most students live outside the St. Albans area, largely coming from St. Louis and St. Charles counties. TFSSA and its board are committed to delivering our mission. To do so, it is critical we serve enough students to create a sustainable and vibrant future. We have considered many options as we have faced the changes in our enrollment; we believe the very best option for our future is to reunite with CDS. We will build on the synergy of our aligned missions, leverage the talent of our highly regarded Head of School, and build a sustainable school community in a location more accessible to more future students. 

What will the new name be?
We will drop the St. Albans part of our name; the new entity will be called The Fulton School (TFS).

Who will be in charge of the new entity?
Kara Douglass will be the Head of School, leading a combined team of TFSSA and CDS administrators.

What will happen to the CDS Head of School?
Peggy Fiala, current Head of School at CDS, will take over as Assistant Head of TFS responsible for the Lower School and Director of the Learning Center.

What will happen to the TFSSA building and campus? 
The Board of Directors intends to sell or lease our property.  

What happens to the two Boards of Trustees? 
A transition committee made up of both boards is finalizing the make-up and by laws of the new TFS Board of Trustees.

What is the expected combined population for the 2022-23 school year?
We are forecasting somewhere between 165 and 175 students.

Will tuition change?
Tuition will remain the same for the 2022-23 school year.

How will tuition assistance work? 
Our tuition assistance policy will remain the same, and families can depend on us to meet their needs with the policies and processes that we have been using.

What will happen to my teachers?
We don’t anticipate any major staff changes, but as always, that is a little dependent on re-enrollment. Lower School classes will likely grow and include new teachers as well as your current teachers. 

CDS has a different Lower School structure than we do. What will happen? 
CDS currently (and for 30+ years) runs a Lower School Montessori program with two-year clusters instead of the traditional Montessori three-year clusters.  We are looking into the best way to move forward for K-3. 4th through 12th grades will continue as they are currently.

Will we still have an Upper School? 
Yes, the building on White Road lends itself well to a 7th-12th grade section with its own parking area and its own entrance. The Upper School program will remain the same -- just in a new location!

Will we still have sports?
Yes, the Upper School Varsity Sports program will not change in any way, except location. We do anticipate being able to offer Lower School sports! The new location has a beautiful soccer field and a nice gymnasium (but not high school regulation), so we will partner with local organizations when we need a game gym.

Will our mascot change?
No, the Eagle will still represent the varsity sports. We will adopt a new owl mascot (the current CDS mascot) for the Lower School and see where that takes us! 

Will you provide shuttle service from Franklin County?
Yes, if there is interest. We will do whatever we can to help our Franklin County students stay with us!

Will you provide shuttle service from West County?
Yes, if there is interest. We will do our best to arrange transportation from any central location our families need.

Will there be Before Care or After Care?
Yes, we will offer both.

Will we still have Makerspace?
Yes, Mr. Platz (our Facilities Manager) is already working on how the transfer of our entire Makerspace will work. 

Will we offer after-school clubs for Lower School students?
Yes, with a bigger student body we should have critical mass for elementary-level extracurriculars and sports after school.

Is lunch included in the price of tuition?
No, but we will offer a pay-as-you-go lunch option for all students and faculty.

What will happen to our animals? 
They will move with us!  We are creating space for their new homes in Chesterfield.

Will the students and parents have an opportunity to tour the CDS campus?
Yes, we will schedule open houses for TFSSA families to tour the White Road campus.  We will get this information out in the next two weeks.