Swim Permission Form 2020

The week of August 31-September 4, your student will have the opportunity to participate in The Fulton School's Swim Week in PE class under the supervision of Coach Audrey Sharma. Coach Sharma has been a swim instructor for years and is CPR-certified. The swim class will be held at the pool at the Country Club of St. Albans. Students will be shuttled between school and the pool via our school van, Mrs. Loyd's vehicle, and Mrs. Douglass's vehicle. Face masks are required when riding in the van/vehicles.

Students must pack a swimming suit and towel. Goggles will be very helpful but they are not mandatory. NO scuba masks or snorkels are allowed. Long hair must be pulled back or in a swim cap.

Students will be given time to change into their swimwear at school before going to the pool. After swimming, the students will return to school and will have time to change into dry clothes.

PARENTS: Typing your name below acts as your signature for this permission form.