More About Montessori

Is my child too young to be away from me?

Only you can decide what you're comfortable with, however toddlers have been attending Montessori environments for a century in almost every country in the world.  A vast number of Montessori parents were once Montessori students themselves, and consider the method life-changing.  
If your child attends a program for a few hours a day, you remain their primary caretaker, but they find safety in the teacher, routine, and stimulation of the Montessori classroom. 
Cognitively they are able to grasp that they will see you again once you leave and they do not worry while they are engaged in their work.  We send many photos and videos home and keep in daily touch with our parents so you know exactly what they've been up to in your absence.  
The benefits can include increased independence (Wow, I can do this!), increased order and trust in routine (I know that mom will return after snack time), and increased confidence (look at everything I know how to do). 
Often Montessori teachers can offer an environment with systematic opportunities for growth and stimulation that not every mom is capable of offering in the home.
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