Welcome to the Fulton School

We invite you to discover school like you never thought it could be.

Offering a challenging and rewarding education experience for children 18 months through 12th grade, The Fulton School is a place where we challenge students' strengths and nurture them where there is weakness -- as a result, our education meets each student where he/she is and then takes him/her further.

Our small, coeducation, independent, nonsectarian school is located just 20 minutes east of Washington. 

Our toddler through 3rd grade is Montessori certified, which creates confidence, builds concentration and character, and ensures kids are never bored or overwhelmed.

From 4th through 6th grade, we follow the Montessori philosophy and further challenge our students with hands-on learning, critical thinking, and life-skill building opportunities.

Our upper school (7th-12th) offers age-appropriate autonomy, holding them accountable and creating a rich, unique classroom environment where students can truly be themselves.

There's no hiding in the back of the classroom, and there's no ceiling when it comes to learning. 

We invite you to browse our website to find out more about why our students love school:

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